Every property and landscape is unique.  One of the most visible and valuable features in a landscape are the trees.  Trees are not only esthetically pleasing; they are also beneficial.  Trees beautify our surroundings, they purify our air, they can be planted as a noise buffer and they assist with saving energy by providing shade in the summer and reducing wind in the winter.

Just like your lawn, it is important to have a proper maintenance program for your trees.  Shenandoah Landscape Services is staffed with ISA Certified Arborists,  that are trained and knowledgeable about the needs of trees.

Whether you need routine pruning, voluntary tree removal, storm related clean up or emergency tree removal, Shenandoah Landscape Services is committed to successfully managing all of your tree care requirements.  Our professional tree care services will enhance the life of your trees, improve safety, reduce liability and, in the process, protect your investment for years to come.


Tree Evaluations   ·   Structural Pruning   ·   Tree Removal   ·   Preventive Maintenance   ·   Stump Grinding   ·   Storm Damage Clean up

Deep-Root Fertilizing  · Debris Recycling  ·  Insect and Disease Management  ·  24-hour Emergency Tree Care Service