Reliable. . . that’s what a good snow and ice treatment service has to be!  At Shenandoah Landscape Services, we understand the importance of delivering a safe, efficient and reliable snow and ice management service to your community or business.

Our professional staff of experienced snow plow operators and snow/ice treatment personnel are dedicated to your safety.  Prior to the start of the winter season, we lay out detailed maps of the property and pavement areas.  We monitor the weather so our crews are ready for immediate dispatch and are strategically positioned to deliver prompt service.  Throughout the course of the snow event, our central office maintains constant contact with our crews.  Our 24-hour, 7-day-a-week emergency service guarantees your calls will be answered.  We also remain proactive after the storm, continuing to monitor the weather to address potential melting and refreezing or drifting of snow.

Shenandoah Landscape Services has been helping our clients weather the storm for over 30 years!


Customized Snow Management Programs   ·   Snow Plowing   ·   Sanding   ·   Sidewalk snow removal services – clearing and treatment

Snow Relocation Services:  Front-end loaders, Skid loaders and Dump Trucks   ·   Sand Barrels