Sustainability Initiative

Shenandoah Landscape Services Inc.

Sustainability Initiative

As stewards of the land, the philosophy of Shenandoah Landscape Services, inc. is to strive to be the industry leader in preserving and protecting our earth’s precious natural resources. This is accomplished by adopting the following “Environmentally Sound Best Practices”.

Proper care and management of turf areas to minimize the need for irrigation and chemicals:

· Mowing at the proper height throughout the season to best protect the health of the turf.

· Proper use of fertilizers based on soil analysis for each site.

· Spot treating of weeds vs. blanket spraying to reduce the use of chemicals.

· Ensure the safety of humans and pets by posting treated areas.

· All treatments to be applied by certified or registered technicians to insure proper utilization.

· Recommend fertilization in the fall to optimize root development thus reducing the need for irrigation.

· Mulch grass clippings and return them to the soil during the mowing process. This returns valuable nutrients and organic matter to the soil which will keep soil temperatures low, retard weed growth and reduce the need for fertilizer and herbicides.

Proper design and planting practices to enhance the site and minimize the use of pesticides and irrigation:

· Utilize plant species native to the geographic area.

· Utilize plants that are best suited for the specific area by taking light exposure, soil conditions and drainage into account.

· Consider functionality as well as aesthetics when evaluating the site.

· Where possible recommend adding shade trees to the landscape to help reduce sun exposure thus reducing cooling expenses.

· We encourage the use of Rain Gardens where possible to capture and filter run off before it enters waterways.

· Utilize and revitalize existing plants where possible by pruning to rejuvenate or transplanting when practical.

Proper pruning and management of existing ornamental trees and shrubs:

· Always utilize an Integrated Pest Management approach.

· Use pesticides only as a last resort.

· Maintain the health and beauty of the plant by practicing proper pruning specific to each plant variety.

· When a healthy plant becomes over grown prune to rejuvenate rather than removing it.

Recycle and utilize Green Waste:

· All green waste that is generated through our services shall be recycled.

· Byproducts from the recycling and composting process are utilized as soil amendments.

Equipment care and maintenance:

· Our certified mechanics insure that all of our trucks and equipment are maintained to manufacturer specifications, thus ensuring proper operation.

· Proper operation of equipment results in minimal emissions and maximum fuel efficiency.

· All used oil and other fluids are properly recycled.

Shenandoah Landscape Services nursery and green waste recycling facility:

· This facility and its products are inspected by the Virginia Department of Agriculture.

· This 200 acre facility is where we grow hundreds of varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and ground covers.

· Flowers and other small plants are grown in state of the art greenhouses that utilize solar energy to produce heat. Computerized temperature activated ventilation systems ensure optimal temperature ranges.

· Run off from the irrigation system is captured and reused.

· Drip irrigation is used in many areas to minimize water consumption.