Watering Guidelines


Shenandoah Landscape Services, Inc. suggests the following guidelines for watering various forms of plant material.  These are only guidelines that are to be continually adjusted according to weather, soil composition, and seasonal conditions.


After installation, sod should remain soaked with water for 14 days.  This may mean watering the area thoroughly once or twice daily for approximately 15 to 20 minutes each time.  After the initial 14-day period, the sod should be watered once every 3-4 days for 15 to 30 minutes for a period of 2-3 weeks.  Morning is the preferred time to water sod.  Watering at other times of day will promote “burning” of the turf and/or promote the spread of various turf fungi and diseases.


After installation, the newly seeded area should be watered for 20-30 minutes daily until germination occurs.  If you notice that erosion is occurring, then cease watering for that day.  After germination has begun, water every-other-day during the morning for the reasons stated in the sod section.  Continue the “every-other-day” schedule for approximately three (3) weeks.

Trees Shrubs, and Flowers

Newly planted trees, shrubs and flowers should be watered on an average of two-three (2-3) times weekly for the first year.  A simple moisture test is to place your finger just under the mulch layer to feel for the amount of moisture in the soil.

Another guide to follow is based on weekly outdoor temperatures:

90 degrees +     water four (4) times per week

70-90 degrees   water three (3) times per week

50-70 degrees   water two (2) times per week

Note: These are only guidelines and will vary due to rainfall, wind conditions and temperatures.